Lead Nurturing / Marketing Automation

Build relationships with prospects and generate sales with the right mix of media at the right time.

The process of turning a lead into a sale takes a lot more than just one phone call or an email. To build relationships that lead to sales, you need to interact with potential customers multiple times and through various methods. It’s an art that takes time, consistency, and the right resources. Sounds complicated, right? It can be, but when you add a Boxpilot lead nurture program, the results can be transformative.

Boxpilot helps you to use a multi-touch cadence, that goes beyond just emails to truly foster a relationship with your prospects in a cost-effective way. This differentiates you from your competitors, and puts you first in the minds of your prospects.

With the perfect blend of cutting-edge technology and our own proprietary processes, honed over the years, 100% North American team will engage with your potential sales leads at the most opportune moments and across a multitude of channels. Layer on our obsession with data analysis, and iteration, and you have a progressively improving connection to your market.

Our solutions are designed to work inside or outside your existing CRM or Marketing Automation platforms; either way, you will have full visibility into activity and feedback. Through our process, your prospects will feel a personal connection to your brand, which results in sales.

Our Services Can Help Your Company:

  • Foster relationships with prospective clients,
  • Stand out from your competitors,
  • Humanize the sales process,
  • Lower cost-per-contact, and
  • Increase engagement and customer satisfaction.

Boxpilot's Lead Nurturing / Marketing Automation Services

Multi-Channel Multi-Touch Nurture

Whether you let Boxpilot handle all media–email, voice, text–or use your own automation platform to handle a portion. We can help your organization cover all the bases. We can make sure that live human connection complements your electronic connections to insure optimal engagement in your nurture outreach. This allows you to stay aware of changes to a prospect’s sales-readiness.


You can create custom, complex, omni-channel triggers base on action completed by your prospects or lead scores reached by your prospects. For example: – Follow up protocols on webform completions – Keeping in contact with people who are doing a free trial – Triggering an appointment setting protocol based on Lead Scores that a prospect has attained.

Virtual Sales Rep

Empower your sales reps to use Boxpilot to maintain contact with their territory as if they did it themselves. Using our Guided Voicemail service coupled with email, it’s like they made the call and sent the email themselves. Allowing your Sales Team to focus on the highest value activities.

Guided Voicemail™

Build a relationship with prospects early on using the actual voices of your sales team (without any of them making a call). Our Guided Voicemail™ allows you to reach up to 10x more prospects than by traditional phone calls alone without sacrificing strong connections. It also allows your sales reps to better serve higher-priority leads without losing a prospect.

Rapid Outbound Phone™

Combining the benefits of our Guided Voicemail™ service with our highly skilled call center team, Rapid Outbound Phone™ will get through large lists quickly. We can turn around a list of thousands, not in weeks, but in days. Engaging your contacts we reach live to deliver a timely call to action, or delivering a voicemail recording in YOUR voice to your contact’s personal voice mailbox. By making the calls quickly and in a timely manner, you can maximize the effect of other marketing media, such as emails or direct mail—all without tying up busy internal resources.

“When I realized that my lead nurturing efforts were 99% email based, I realized that I was missing a huge piece of the puzzle.  But my competitors were doing it right – by *engaging* prospects with a mix of media, including live voice, my competitors were making more impact  – and taking business from me.  But now, with Boxpilot, I’ve set up ongoing lead nurturing programs that use a mix of media, including voice, to keep my leads engaged, attrition low and closing rates sky high.  Awesome!”

– CEO, Business Software Company