Lead Nurture: Consistency is the key to conversion

Strategic nurturing for more sales

750 leads converted to 194 appointments

High close rates using 15-touch follow-up

Clear and effective outreach with custom tailored scripts

About the Client


Lead Nurture

12 months

The Challenge

The client, a financial services company, wanted to turn its large, unqualified lead list into valuable sales prospects, but its sales force didn’t have the bandwidth. The client called on Boxpilot to design a solution that would connect with prospects on a personal level and drive sales – but not tax its sales force.

The Solution

Using its 20 years of experience Boxpilot built a custom Lead Nurturing solution that included hiring and training an inside sales team on behalf of the client. The sales team became well-versed in the value the client brought to its customers and was able to effectively and clearly communicate with prospects using a customized script developed by Boxpilot. Since lead nurturing takes time and consistency, the inside sales team followed a proprietary, 15-touch follow-up process that included touches via phone, email, and text to drive additional leads. Every step was integrated and documented in the client’s customer relationship management system.

The Results

Boxpilot far exceeded the client’s expectations: it turned 750 leads into 194 appointments that all had a high close-rates.