Data Enrichment

Set yourself up for success with quality data.

Quality data can be the difference between success and failure for your team. But, building and maintaining data is an often time-consuming and frustrating job.

Take this sobering statistic: notes that "91% Of CRM Data Is Incomplete And That 70% Goes Bad Or Becomes Obsolete Every Year."

So, the challenge for most companies is finding a way to find good data AND to keep up with it.

The good news is Boxpilot can help. We’ve handled over 20 million records on behalf of our clients in the last 20 years. We have the experience and know-how to efficiently create and update data to make more effective marketing and sales campaigns.

How we are different:

  • We’ve worked with data from everywhere, so we know which providers are the best.
  • If we source data for you, we stand by it, 100% guaranteed for 1 month from when we pull the data.
  • Options.  If sourcing data from vendors doesn’t make sense for you, we will do custom research.
  • Your data is ONLY your data.  Any data we source is done just for you; we will NEVER reuse a list for another client.


Boxpilot's Data Enrichment Services

List Sourcing

Our team will review your target requirements with you. Firmographic information: Industry, Company size, Geography, SIC, etc. Demographic information: Department, Seniority, etc. Technographic information: What installed software your target uses. We will only use the best list vendors in the market based on 20 years of experience. And, any information we source becomes solely your property.

Data Enrichment

Either as part of an outbound marketing campaign, or as a stand-alone effort, we can have our contact center review your existing data to make sure the information is valid. – Updating correct contact information, – Finding updated phone information, – Adding contact address information so that you can send direct mail, – Updating bounced email addresses, etc. Spending time on making sure your data is valid can save thousands on future marketing efforts.


Whether email opt-in is required for compliance purposes, or you are ensuring your email outreach is going to interested parties, our contact center will talk to your contacts, and make sure they are an appropriate target for your email nurture efforts. This insures statute compliance as well as insuring your email reputation stays as high as possible.

Custom Data Research

In situations where you can’t simply select firmographic, demographic and technographic information, our research team can gather information by doing web research combined with calling. We will customize our strategy based on your needs.

Account-Based Marketing Profiles

Boxpilot will build profiles for all of your key accounts to help develop marketing strategy, and sales playbooks. Identification of key stakeholders Mapping org charts to identify decision makers and influencers. Budgets. Who holds funds, and how much. How do they leverage technology. Profiles will be delivered according to individual company requirements.

“I had no idea our data was so bad. Results from our first program showed that more than 67% of our data was out of date. We set out to change this. We started with Boxpilot’s custom list building service to build a better targeted list. Then, as programs ran, we filled the data holes post-program, and also used on-the-fly techniques to garner new data as we went along. The results were astounding. Our data is consistently 85-90% accurate now and overall program responses are up +240%! Nice work!”

— COO, Business Services Firm