Data Enrichment: Smart targeting, and clean data create millions in the pipeline

Verifying Leads with Tailored High Quality Lists

Sourced 25,000 new names for target accounts

Qualified 14,000 leads at over 2,000 companies

Multi-touch outreach by NA based sales team

About the Client


Data Enrichment

Over 18 months

The Challenge

The client, a Fortune 500 technology company, needed a solid list of verified leads to target a new product, but their sales force was stretched thin and didn’t have the bandwidth to comb through existing data or generate a new list.

The Solution

Boxpilot used its 20 years of experience in data enrichment to create a solution made just for the client. Over the next 18 months, Boxpilot helped the client reach its sales goals for the product. First, Boxpilot built a custom prospect list from scratch based on the client’s products and sales targets. Boxpilot then hired a North American-based, native-English-speaking, outside sales team to work on behalf of the client. After Boxpilot thoroughly trained the sales team, with no additional time or money spent by the client, the sales team was able to effectively communicate and sell the value of the client’s product with prospects. Boxpilot created a customized script and lead generation process for the inside sales team. It used a multi-touch system to reach prospects in different ways – by phone, email, and text – which led to a greater response rate and additional leads.

The Results

With Boxpilot’s data enrichment solutions, the client walked away with a list of over 25,000 contacts, 14,000 of them qualified by Boxpilot, at over 2,000 mid-market to enterprise companies. The success of this project led to a long-term relationship between the client and Boxpilot, which has created millions of dollars in sales pipeline value for the client.