Lead Nurturing / Marketing Automation

Build relationships with prospects and generate sales with the right mix of media at the right time.

Lead Nurturing, Multi-Touch Program: Standalone or Integrated via your platforms.

The process of turning a lead into a sale takes a lot more than just one phone call or an email. You’ve got to engage prospects multiples times and in many different ways to create the kind of relationships that will result in sales. It’s an art that takes time, consistency, and the right resources. Sounds complicated, right? It can be, but not when you add nurture touches via Boxpilot’s integrated marketing solutions.

Boxpilot helps you to use a multi-touch cadence, that goes beyond just emails to truly foster a relationship with your prospects in a cost-effective way. Utilizing proprietary technology and processes developed over many years, along with excellent sales reps, we can interact and communicate with your sales prospects at just the right time and in many different ways so they don’t hear about your brand just once and forget about it. Our solutions can complement or work outside of your existing customer relationship management software. Through our process, your prospects will feel a personal connection to your brand, which results in sales.

Our managed marketing automation services can help your company:

  • Foster relationships with prospective clients,
  • Humanize the sales process,
  • Lower cost-per-contact, and
  • Increase engagement and customer satisfaction.

Build relationships without putting strain on your sales force. Contact us to get started.

“When I realized that my lead nurturing efforts were 99% email based, I realized that I was missing a huge piece of the puzzle.  But my competitors were doing it right – by *engaging* prospects with a mix of media, including live voice, my competitors were making more impact  – and taking business from me.  But now, with Boxpilot, I’ve set up ongoing lead nurturing programs that use a mix of media, including voice, to keep my leads engaged, attrition low and closing rates sky high.  Awesome!”

– CEO, Business Software Company