Telemarketing / Inside Sales

Strengthen your sales team without hiring one new person.

Whether you’re looking to scale your sales team, provide territory coverage, increase outbound, close leads from an event, enter a different market or launch a new product, Boxpilot’s Inside Sales solution is your answer to cost-effectively and quickly expanding your reach without ever hiring, supervising, or training one additional person.

Over the last two decades, we’ve worked with clients of all sizes and in many different scenarios to help them meet their sales goals. We are serious about quality, too. We use a proprietary method for hiring and training our inside sales reps, and it shows. Our North American-based, native English-speaking inside sales team has an average tenure of four years and is focused on one thing: results. Our proven, human approach can take the strong sales force you already have – or want – and make it even stronger.

With our Inside Sales solution, your company can quickly and effortlessly:

  • Multiply each sales rep’s output,
  • Expand territory coverage – both demographically and geographically,
  • Build real relationships with new customers,
  • Strengthen relationships with current clients,
  • Improve your company’s influence on clients’ decisions,
  • Expand calling as needed,
  • Help with event calling, and
  • Add to new lead buckets, cold lists, nurture lists.

Expand your sales team’s reach. Contact us to get started.

“Multiplying our sales team with Boxpilot has enabled us to expand our reach 10x… without any hiring, training, on-boarding, or ramp times.”

– CEO, Profit 500 Software Firm