Event Marketing

Turn live events into real sales.

One of the best ways to reach your customers, differentiate your brand, and drive sales is through an event. Whether it’s an annual event, summit, user conference, regional events, tradeshows, virtual events or webinars, events can make a huge difference in growing your business. But after you’ve gotten through the nitty gritty details of planning the event, there’s often not much time to capitalize on it and get the right people registered and there. Boxpilot can help.

We have over two decades of experience in marketing an event through its entire life cycle – from getting the right people in the door, building the target list, crafting invitations, driving registrations and attendance, actively engaging them while they are there, and ensuring appropriate follow-ups in the days, weeks, and month after the event. We’ve helped over 1,200 clients market over 16,000 events, so we know a thing or two about driving successful events.

Our event marketing services will help you:

  • Build the right target list for your event.
  • Achieve and exceed event registration and attendance targets.
  • Drive audience acquisition.
  • Help establish a human connection to your brand and your event.
  • Engage clients in a personal authentic way.
  • Build conversion to your brand after the event.
  • Survey and measure the success of your event.

We’ve designed our event marketing services after years of experience in seeing what works. We think it’s best to engage attendees in multiple ways to increase awareness of your message; therefore, we recommend using a combination of Boxpilot’s event marketing tools for optimum results.

Boxpilot’s Event Marketing Services

Event Registration & Driving Audience Acquistion with Guided Voicemail™

Create energy and excitement about your event with personal calls using Boxpilot’s Guided Voicemail™ It’s the perfect human element to use as part of a bigger event marketing campaign. It will allow you to reach up to 10x more prospects than by traditional outbound phone calls alone.

Live event registration

Catch prospective attendees in real-time with our live event calls. We can register prospective attendees live via your registration page or a registration page that we built for you.


Build a solid online presence to promote your event. Our digital marketing experts can build a website and social media campaign that can be the hub of information for your event. Prospective attendees can get more information on your event, register, review the agenda, and refer to online resources after the event. We can also use content marketing and paid media to promote your event. And, our digital marketing experts know the right time, audience, and platforms to get the most engagement on social media.

Event Data Build/Enrichment

Boxpilot helps you market to your list, or we can help to pinpoint, build, and then connect with the people who are your top targets to attend your event. We can help to clean up your contact database to ensure optimal customer attendance, or we can build a customized list from scratch to ensure the right people attend your event.

Personal Invitation Emails

Reinforce your call or voicemail message with a clear, concise, and personalized email as a reminder to attend your event or with a link to drive event registrations. Traditional email often gets lost in the clutter, but with Boxpilot’s multi-touch system, emails are more likely to be opened and read. We leverage email throughout your entire event life-cycle – recruitment, promotion, attendance, and follow-up – to increase your event’s success.

Event (SMS) Text

Cultivate engagement before, during, and after your event with a series of text messages targeted directly to your contacts. Boxpilot can determine which of your phone numbers are mobile numbers so you can engage attendees via text in a variety of ways – prior to the event to promote attendance, during the event to alert attendees of a particular keynote speaker or breakout session, and after the event to reinforce the message. You’ll reach the right people at the exact right time with this hyper-targeted approach.

Post-event follow-up

Reinforce your message to increase the likelihood that qualified leads become sales. Boxpilot can help you send thank you messages to attendees, or we can create a sales campaign after your event to turn your event attendees into qualified sales prospects.

The value Boxpilot brings to your next event is real and measurable. But, don’t just take our word for it. Click here for event case studies that detail Boxpilot’s event marketing solutions in action.

Ready to truly capitalize on your next marketing event? Contact us to start seeing results.

“Leveraging Boxpilot Marketing Partners resulted in 80% higher attendees at our key events.  They are also absolutely amazing to work with!”

– Event Manager Fortune 100 Technology Company