Data Enrichment

Set yourself up for success with quality data.

Quality data can be the difference between success and failure for your team. But, building and maintaining data is an often time-consuming and frustrating job. Take this sobering statistic:

Salesforce notes that “91% of CRM data is incomplete and that 70% goes bad or becomes obsolete every year.”

So, the challenge for most companies is finding a way to find good data AND to keep up with it.

The good news is Boxpilot can help. We’ve handled over 20 million records on behalf of our clients in the last 20 years. We have the experience and know-how to efficiently create and update data to make more effective marketing and sales campaigns.

Our data enrichment services can create, refine, or upgrade data, which means you can be at any stage of data collection, and we can make it better. We’ll build a list from scratch or enhance your current data without burdening your sales force. Sounds amazing, right? It is – just ask the 1,200 clients we’ve worked with.

Here are some examples of how our data enrichment services work: say your company is just starting out in an industry or product line, and you are looking for sales prospects. Boxpilot can produce a list of leads to get your sales team calling on the right people. Or, say you’ve already got a list, but your sales reps keep hitting a wall when they’re making calls. We can also help. We’ll take your list, comb through the data one-by-one, and create a final contact list of real, qualified prospects. In each scenario, you could have multiple contacts at one company, complete with email, phone, website, and, if applicable, assistants’ names and contact information.

Some of the most sophisticated B2B at both leading Fortune 100 companies and highly-funded start-ups have used our time-tested approach to data enrichment because, well, it works. Accurate data is one of the best ways to ensure great sales success. And, Boxpilot is the answer to getting that date.

How does this all play out in the real world? Click here to read about how our data enrichment services have impacted actual clients.

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“I had no idea our data was so bad.  Results from our first program showed that more than 67% of our data was out of date.  We set out to change this.  We started with Boxpilot’s custom list building service to build a better targeted list.  Then, as programs ran we filled the data holes post-program, and also used on-the-fly techniques to garner new data as we went along.  The results were astounding.  Our data is consistently 85-90% accurate now and overall program responses are up +240%!  Nice work!”

– COO, Business Services Firm