Lead Generation: Over $650k added to pipeline within 6 months

Expanding the sales pipeline with qualified leads

Over 150 qualified leads and 2000 additional leads generated

Higher response rates led by multi touch outreach

NA based trained sales team at no additional cost

About the Client

Large Manufacturer

Data Enrichment & B2B Lead Generation

6 months start to finish

The Challenge

The client, a large manufacturing company, needed a strong prospect list to procure qualified leads to drive sales. The client lacked the data and critical sales resources required to create the prospect list, so it called on Boxpilot to create a solution.

The Solution

Boxpilot created a customized solution for the client using its 20 years of experience in data enrichment and B2B lead generation. The client gave Boxpilot six months to plan, execute, and show results. First, Boxpilot built a custom prospect list from scratch based on the client’s sales targets. Boxpilot then hired a North American-based, native-English-speaking, dedicated sales team to work on behalf of the client. After Boxpilot thoroughly trained the sales team, with no additional time or money spent by the client, the sales team was able to effectively communicate and sell the value of the client’s product with prospects. To make this happen, Boxpilot created a customized script and lead generation process for the inside sales team. It used a multi-touch system to reach prospects in different ways – by phone, email, and text – which led to a higher response rate and additional leads.

The Results

Boxpilot’s customized solution generated over 150 qualified leads and 2,000 additional leads that resulted in over $650,000 added to the sales pipeline – all within 6 months and without taxing the client’s salesforce.