Lead Generation: C-Suite executives reached quickly and qualified effectively

Generating Qualified Leads in a Pinch

Over 100 qualified leads generated in 6 weeks

C-suite executive leads turned into community members

Exceeded client expectations by 25%

About the Client

Global Executive Forum

Data Enrichment & B2B Lead Generation

6 weeks

The Challenge

The client, a leading research and advisory company, had a two-part goal: generate as many new leads as possible AND get more C-Suite HR and IT leaders involved in its global community. The client wanted it done within a six-week timeframe and without taxing its already overtasked sales force. The client called on Boxpilot to quickly and effectively target this hard-to-reach group.

The Solution

Since Boxpilot had been in the lead generation business for over two decades, it was able to quickly create a customized B2B lead generation solution for the client that specifically targeted C-Suite executives. Boxpilot built a custom prospect list from scratch based on the client’s sales targets. It then hired and trained an inside sales team without burdening the client’s existing sales team. The inside sales team was fully trained on the client’s value and came to the table with a custom script and lead generation process based on the client’s needs. Using proprietary technology and a multi-touch process, the inside sales team efficiently and effectively reached hundreds of leaders in various industries and markets.

The Results

Boxpilot’s customized solution generated over 100 qualified leads. The client’s sales team was able to convert a high number of those qualified leads into community members. All in all, Boxpilot exceeded client expectations by 25%.