Inside Sales: Increased software renewals without added headcount

Boosting Renewals and Happier Customers

18% increase in renewal rates for security software

No need to increase headcount

Real-time CRM activity updates

About the Client


Inside Sales

The Challenge

The client, a B2B security software company, had a hardworking, successful sales team that excelled in generating and qualifying new leads. Software renewals, on the other hand, were a different story. Since renewals popped up infrequently, the sales team had a hard time dedicating its resources to existing customers. Instead of hiring a new sales team, the client called on Boxpilot to design a solution that would drive renewal rates up without distracting its sales force.

The Solution

Boxpilot formed an inside sales team for the client that was focused solely on increasing renewal rates. It created a customized script and lead generation process for the inside sales team so that the team looked and felt like the client’s own sales force. The team used a multi-touch system and proprietary technology to reach prospects in different ways – by phone, email, and text – which led to a greater response rate and higher customer satisfaction. Every step was integrated with the client’s current system to ensure all activity was getting documented in the company’s customer relationship management system.

The Results

After utilizing Boxpilot’s inside sales team, the client’s renewal rates went up 18%, and customer satisfaction increased significantly – and the client never hired one extra salesperson for the project.