Event Marketing: A personal touch makes all the difference

Short-lead-time for Net New Event Leads

Sourced over 10,000 new names for Target Accounts

Promoted events with lead times under 3 weeks

over 400 fresh attendees registered for live events

About the Client

  • Industry

Technology / Software

  • Campaign Type

Event Marketing

  • Timeline

3 Months

The Challenge

The client, a Fortune 100 software company, was hosting a three-month, ten-city training and networking event series for its current and prospective customers. Since this client regularly hosted these types of events, it already had a clean prospect list, but this time it wanted a new lead list to reach even more users. The real challenge came with the timeline: for each event the client gave Boxpilot an average three-week lead time to create a new prospect list and execute an audience recruitment plan that would bring in the maximum number of event attendees.

The Solution

Working within a very short timetable, Boxpilot created a custom solution for the client that complemented the work its sales and marketing team was already doing. Using its data research team, Boxpilot created a new prospect list from scratch based on the client’s Target Account list. Then, with its proprietary technology and processes, Boxpilot proposed a proven short-lead-time cadence utilizing timely phone calls, voicemail messages, and emails to personally invite the new prospects to the events. By constantly analyzing results, Boxpilot was able to tweak the contact sequences throughout the series to ensure the highest quantity and quality of registrants.

The Results

With an average lead time of under three weeks per event, Boxpilot registered a total of over 400 attendees to the series. The sales and marketing team gained an entirely new, vetted prospect list and hundreds of engaged product users – all within one quarter.
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