Event Marketing: A multi-media approach drives numbers up

Filling Seats for a 12-City Roadshow

86% increase in event attendance for 12-city roadshow

Conversion rate increased from 25.8% to 48.0%

Multi-media outreach plan to maximize impact

About the Client

Marketing Automation Technology

Event Marketing – Multi-Media

6 Months

The Challenge

The client, a multi-billion-dollar marketing automation technology company, was planning a twelve-city road show to promote thought leadership and generate leads. As a marketing automation leader, the company had set up a very sophisticated email marketing plan to drive registrants to its event, but the plan depended solely on email. Without any human engagement, the client began to notice that 60-80% of registered attendees did not actually attend the event. The client called on Boxpilot to create a solution that would increase customer engagement and event attendance.

The Solution

Boxpilot used a multi-media plan to maximize the number of registrants who attended the events. In addition to email communication, Boxpilot combined its outbound calling services coupled with Boxpilot’s Guided Voicemail™ messages, which sound like they came from a key contact at the client company, to personally invite prospective attendees to the event and to remind registered attendees to come to the event. The Boxpilot event marketing team managed the entire process so that the client’s sales force could focus on its top priority: closing deals.

The Results

By using Boxpilot’s multi-media marketing approach to the event rather than relying solely on digital forms of communication, the client saw a greater than 86% increase in attendance, with conversion increasing from 25.8% to 48.0%. Furthermore, the client’s sales force was able to stay focused on its goals AND benefit from the event’s increased number of highly qualified leads.