Event Marketing: Consistent outreach for long-term gains

10 Years of Event ROI Improvement

Email open rates up over 30%. Click rates up to over 7%

Worked 600+ events for client / reached over 500,000 prospects

Minimized gap between registrations and actual attendance

About the Client

IT Services

Event Marketing


The Challenge

The client, a global leader in the technology space, hosts many events throughout the year. They realized that person-to-person phone calls were the best way to drive greater awareness and attendance. They needed a partner to create a solution that would ensure regular outbound phone calls, voicemails, and emails were sent to key individuals specifically targeted for events on schedule so that their events were well-attended and effective.

The Solution

Boxpilot utilized its proprietary technology and proven processes plus 20 years of experience in event marketing to create a custom solution for the client that is still being used today. Right out of the gate, Boxpilot cleaned up and enhanced the client’s prospect list by using calls and emails, which quickly resulted in additional registrants. As the partnership has grown over the years, Boxpilot has created hundreds of customized scripts (based on the client’s needs at the time) to call, email, and leave voicemail messages for prospects to invite them to attend events, and, later, send reminders about events. Boxpilot also helps with last-minute registration support by phone and email, which minimizes the gap between registrations and actual attendance and increases email open rates across the board.

The Results

Since originally partnering ten years ago, Boxpilot has helped this client with hundreds of events, having reached out to over 500,000 prospects. The client’s email engagement rates have increased significantly with Boxpilot’s solution: the open rates have grown to over 30%, and the click rates have increased to over 7%. Attendance at every event that used Boxpilot’s event marketing solutions has increased year-over-year. A successful event partnership.