B2B Lead Generation & Appointment Setting

Improve your bottom line with qualified leads.

The foundation of strong sales is your ability to procure qualified leads, right? It literally sets the tone for your entire sales cycle. But so many businesses don’t have the time or resources to dedicate to finding qualified leads, which oftentimes frustrates the sales force and makes growing the business difficult.

B2B lead generation is our bread and butter. We have created over 1 million qualified leads for businesses all around the world using our systematic approach to a multi-touch client contact. Utilizing custom telemarketing, Guided Voicemail™, appointment setting, email cadence, and digital marketing, Boxpilot’s B2B lead generation services and tools are the answer to building a robust sales cycle that is solid from beginning to end – all without taxing your sales team. We keep your pipeline full so your sales team can focus on key clients and opportunities to accelerate your sales cycle.

Boxpilot’s offerings can be used separately, but our experience tells us they’re best used together:


We can leverage our extensive experience to build a custom telemarketing campaign based on your specific needs. Boxpilot can handle the entire campaign or just a portion of it. Cadence, appointment setting, timeframes, number of calls, scripts, and the actual calls – we partner with you to plan the best course of action on all of it.

Appointment Setting

Multiply your sales force’s output without hiring one new person. We’ve made over 15 million calls and sent over 3 million emails on behalf of our clients. We use high-quality data to generate appointments with prospects who are at the beginning of the sales cycle. Your sales team can stay focused on closing deals (the end of the sales cycle) while simultaneously creating relationships with new clients.

Guided Voicemail™

Build a relationship with prospects early on using the actual voices of your sales team (without any of them making a call). Our Guided Voicemail™ allows you to reach up to 10x more prospects than by traditional phone calls alone without sacrificing strong connections. It also allows your sales reps to better serve higher-priority leads without losing a prospect.

Rapid Outbound Phone™

Combining the benefits of our Guided Voicemail™ service with our highly skilled call center team, Rapid Outbound Phone™ will get through large lists quickly. We can turn around a list of thousands, not in weeks, but in days. Engaging your contacts we reach live to deliver a timely call to action, or delivering a voicemail recording in YOUR voice to your contact’s personal voice mailbox. By making the calls quickly and in a timely manner, you can maximize the effect of other marketing media, such as emails or direct mail—all without tying up busy internal resources.

Data Build for Lead Gen

Connect with the right people the first time. Our data team can enrich your existing lists or build out a custom list for your specific lead generation project based on your specifications.

Digital Marketing

Unlock new leads with a data-driven digital campaign. Boxpilot can utilize the many digital resources available today to qualify better leads.

Boxpilot’s B2B lead generation services and tools can make a huge difference in your bottom line. But, don’t just take our word for it. Click here to read how Boxpilot’s approach has been the difference for real-life clients.

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“I’ve used numerous lead generation vendors but Boxpilot Marketing Partners is the best by far.  Not only is the team knowledgeable, flexible and very responsive, they exceeded the results of our program by 3x.”

– Marketing Director Industrial Manufacturer